The return of Medal of Honor

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28 Aug 2007

moh.jpgAlready a long time ago I did rese├â┬▒a of Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, first of many in my time of Gamer' s Generation. Memory that game me lleg├â ┬│ at the waited for moment less then was megafanatico of remake of Wolfenstein nevertheless not pas├â ┬│ much so that it did not loosen it thanks to his addictive single to player. Peculiarly that fu├â┬ę the ├â┬║ltimo impressive game that memory of that tax exemption, dem├âs was mediocre deliveries that jam├âs arrived around new the standard in games of World War II: Call of Duty.

Lamentably for EA the time pas├â ┬│, we were never accustomed to Call of Duty and in spite of attempts like Pacific Assault (d├â┬║ramente criticized) the first place fu├â┬ę yielded by Infinity Ward. The problem came when many we realized that est├âwe go disgusted of the second war, d-day and the different operations that were not m├âs that changes of scene and very little contributed to the jugabilidad. It is indeed then when demo of Medal of Honor: Airborne put to disposici├â ┬│ n for the users of PC and Xbox 360.

├éQu├â┬ę we can hope?

Without betting nothing demo me dej├â ┬│ a good flavor of mouth, initiates well and even though that is a too well-worn scene and that surely many tendr├ân leaves vu, is a fact that to deshabilitar those ca├â┬▒ones of 88mm is m├â muchfunny s that to follow rid├âculo (or realist) process of Call of Duty 3. In Medal of Airborne Honor we did not move away of the sense arcade: you can receive a spraying of a MG42 or caerte of two floors and as soon as to undergo few da├â┬▒os, nevertheless one has looked for I balance with the speed of game when much more slow doing it that its predecessors. Equally agreg├â ┬│ one *MUY UTIL* opci├â ┬│ n of ÔÇťlies down a lookÔÇŁ since when being pointing with precisi├â ┬│ n we will be able to slightly show to the left or right if we are cubri├â┬ęndonos.

Gr├âficamente, MoH remains in the way compared with Call of Duty 3. It has some showy elements like the textures of the land, the helmets or some effects of light, nevertheless in some parts ÔÇťtoo flatÔÇŁ note and the uniforms are not obtained that level of detail of the game of Treyarch. Equally it has a point against that widely discut├â with V3N0M, is that ÔÇťfeelingÔÇŁ to comprise of one situaci├â ┬│ n like the war, something that does not represent problem for the developers of Call of Duty, which execute to perfecci├â ┬│ n. Taking into account that these in the middle of an immense serious air bombing l├â ┬│ gico to see fall airplanes and listen to alarm sirens. If all fall of airplanes on the verge of being divided in two ser├âa com├â┬║n to think that your compa├â┬▒eros handled to a level of estr├â┬ęs or desesperaci├â ┬│ n that borders on rid├âculo. It is here where MoH remains very short because di├âlogos are null, scripts and elements in third plane have little importance and happen unnoticed.

Perhaps he is that all this fu├â┬ę to prop├â ┬│ situated to give him to importance to the sound like key element of ambientaci├â ┬│ n. Aqu├â is where demo does not disappoint and to us it continues offering score of excellent quality. It handles levels of intensity according to the objectives that we realized raising in the cr├âticas zones. The sounds of the arms are incredibly clean and worthy to be listened to in your home theater. I hope that in the final version we listen to a little ÔÇťEat this you Jerry bastardÔÇŁ (this level has Italian soldiers).

Demo is entertained and quite recommendable, opci├â is good ┬│ n to apply a change or to rent it. I do not go away to the purchase by the amount of games that estan to leave, aside from which a game but of the Second War in my colecci├â ┬▓ n ser├âa rid├âculo. Dot to be a good return of the tax exemption and a unloading forced in marketplace if you like shooters. They cross the fingers so that tengaun to multiplayer around CoD2ÔÇŽ I abstain because me quedar├âa without money and social life :P

Available in: All the regions of the Marketplace
Tamaño: 972,84 MB
Clasificacià ³ n: [ESRB: T (Teen) BLOOD, VIOLENCE]

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August 28th, 2007 AT 12:42 a.m.

You describe very well what is demo k, the truth this very entertained and in the personnel it is of the best ones than I have lowered for good short while.

The truth. mencià honorÃfica ³ n to the one of the sound, I do not get tired to shoot with the different arms to listen to them.

You say it well in tÃtulo, is the return of MoH



September 1st, 2007 AT 9:22 p.m.

I finish playing demo (finally) and reiterate my posicià ³ n on MOH, that I feel like a game mÃs of montà ³ n based on the WWII.

CoD habr├âlowered the quality with CoD 3, but for m├â it continues being ÔÇťtheÔÇŁ game of the WWII, with his situations, to multiplayer and single to player and point.

MOH sentà something tasteless.

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