Videojuego to fight the infantile obesity.

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26 Sep 2007

Permanent KaiserNo, luckyly we did not speak of algún clone of Dances Dances Revolution or of the original Wii Fit. The idea of videojuego to fight the infantile obesity now serÃapplied by Permanent Kaiser, one organizacià American ³ n of health for charity.

The game of adventure The Incredible Adventures of the Amazing Food Detective ser├âdistributed in ingl├â┬ęs and espa├â┬▒ol free in his p├âgina Web and enfocar├âin showing the ni├â┬▒os among 9 and 10 a├â┬▒os a series of activities to avoid the sedentarismo that entails to the obesity and futures health problems. Tambi├â┬ęn propondr├âalternative to take a healthful diet.

Compa├â┬▒├âa tambi├â┬ęn uni├â ┬│ forces with global publisher Scholastic to distribute material of support in but of 5.000 schools of the Uni├â American ┬│ n, as├â like the game in CD' s.

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