Techniques of conquest for your game of strategy

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26 Sep 2007

Medieval War TotalIn AI Game Dev I am artÃculo very interesting of 11 útiles advice to conquer in the Artificial intelligence of your game of strategy putting like example, the Total saga War de The Creative Assembly.

Tips goes from looking for references and inspiracià ³ n in books like the Art of war of Sun Tzu to others like diseñar emergent behaviors for your troops and an individual network neurolà ³ gica to assure a reasonable behavior.

- If you exceed enemy 10 to 1, rodealo
- If you surpass 5 to 1 atÃI pierce directly
- If you surpass as soon as it to the double, divÃdelo.

Very interesting if these interested in developing videojuego of strategy or if you want to know some sections that are touched to conceptual level and tecnolà ³ gico.

Link (in ingl├â┬ęs)

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