Diseña your own game of adventure with Wintermute

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27 Sep 2007

Wintermute Engine

The Wintermute Engine is one aplicacià ³ n that allows you to create adventure games just by to drag and to give click. Perhaps it sounds a little to which the Torque Game Builder does, nevertheless Wintermute has a range of options that you permitirÃto create proposals enough interesting ones with personages in 3D with bottoms in 2D, very in the style of games like Syberia.

It uses a language for scripts with syntax similar to C++ and Java, reason why if you handle to anyone of these not you serÃcomplicated. On the contrary, in the official site ³ n is wiki with documentacià enough. The license allows to develop applications for charity

In order to unload it they can accede to the official site.

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