American McGee would use the Unreal Engine 3

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28 Sep 2007

American McGee GrimmSpicy Horse, the study of responsible Shanghai to develop to American McGee' s Grimm anunci├â ┬│ that utilizar├âtecnolog├âa of the Unreal Engine in several projects to future and that Grimm ser├âthe main opener. McGee made official the purchase of tecnolog├âa, which says ÔÇťgives the tools them necessary to express its creativity of a fast and reliable wayÔÇŁ.

American McGee is all a personality in diseño of videojuegos and takes some años outside the público lens because their projects have not had ejecucià suitable ³ n, like Bad Day L.A that appears between the worse games of the 2006 or as much publicity as Scrapland. With Grimm one hopes that it retakes that familiar concept to which customary us dejà ³ with Stakes out.

The game estarÃavailable for spring of following año by means of the system of distribucià ³ n GameTap

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[...] less by whims of the distributer and their offices has passed personalities like John Rosemary, American, McGee, Graeme Devine or Trent [...]

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