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15 Oct 2007

Home Xbox 360Based on a commentary that Daniel Schiappa made, Director of Entertainment and Devices of Microsoft, during the conference of Virtual podrÃamos Worlds the past week to only think that Microsoft is developing a massive virtual world for Xbox 360, similar to the Home of PS3 that with another perspective. Schiappa comentà ³: Perhaps “For following año they know mÃs of by qué I am aquÔ.

This rumor is complemented with the declarations that Chris Satchell to principle did of this año where apuntà ³ that Sony llevà ³ to another plane some ideas that Microsoft habÃa implemented, like achievements, nevertheless Home seguÃa being pequeño game.

It does not seem me nothing of the other world that Microsoft is participating in a project of this type since if we turned around the glance to PC' s and see éxito that has Second Life mÃs là ³ gico serÃa to think that a project of this type combined to the infrastructure that has Xbox Live is perfectly attainable.

Another point is the amount of accidental videojugadores that jalarÃa a project of this type. ÂCuÃntos of its addict friendly Second Life they have touched a console? Less I know enough.

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October 18th, 2007 AT 12:49 a.m.

If quedarÃa did that it, annoys the idea to me.

³ n calls atencià to me the concept of home of PS3 and gustarÃa to see it también me in 360

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