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17 Oct 2007

YOU GO SoftwareSome people who we aspired to a work in the industry of the development of videojuegos we have in a pedestal the model of work of YOU GO Software. A company with touch of rockstars where their founders handle Ferraris, with a model of development of ÔÇťIt' s donates when its donatesÔÇŁ and with 3 of the representative tax exemptions but (by many aspects) in the FPS: Doom, Wolfenstein and Quake.

YOU GO Software has a slight touch of rebeldÃa, is an independent study of development that is handled under its own rules, the little people who toil (not but of 40) share one filosofÃa very ingrained in which no external agent influences at the time of proposing a new project. They are not handled per dates of launching (the TBA is his religià ³ n) and much less by whims of the distributer and their offices have passed personalities like John Rosemary, American, McGee, Graeme Devine or Trent Reznor.

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Nevertheless, YOU GO Software is in a period of transicià ³ n in which they have had to control to its ego to reclaim the land of licenses that now shows proudly Epic with its Unreal Engine 3. Its counterattack consists of a pair of revisions of its popular Quake 3, gratuitous for called navigator Quake Zero and a other baptized simply like Quake Sand for Xbox Live Arcade, its new tecnologÃa Rage which is optimized to work of way multiplatform (PC, Xbox 360 and PS3) and a system of much more flexible license that the previous one.


Everything indicar├âa that paints nevertheless perfect we are in a time in which the relations you publish are first, the exclusive rights estan at your service of d├âa and the market is saturated a├â┬▒o with a├â┬▒o of the same tax exemptions that as soon as they modify the content of the game and are boasted like ÔÇťsequelsÔÇŁ. YOU GO Software must break through in a customary market to the mediocrity, cu├âl not est├âpreparation for a new proposal of jugabilidad and that crucifies any attempt of innovaci├â ┬│ n.

But YOU GO Software is not specialistic in revolutionary proposals for the end user, rather it develops a new language and it is necessary a translator (it can be some study like RavenSoft) to take advantage of kindness tecnolà ³ gicas his Engines and to give a quality product to the videojugadores. YOU GO Software has not been distinguished as a diseñador genius in the últimos años and that we know all it.

Quake 3In an interview with Next-Gene, Todd Hollenshead mentioned details of the model of work for Quake Zero and Quake Sand. hablà ³ of two pequeños work parties, in his mayorÃa fanÃticos of the original game to offer one versià ³ n that satisfies that we have continued playing for but of 8 años Quake 3. Equally comentà ³ that any distributer deberÃto respect clÃusula of date of exit (which does not exist) for Rage ÂfuncionarÃ.

The future of YOU GO Software is uncertain but encouraging; Rage not fu├â┬ę praised by the average ones as despu├â┬Ęs of its debut in the MacWorld were only expected and a good program of licenses along with kit of accessible development impulsar├ânew IdTech 5. Luckyly the strategy chosen for Quake Zero (by publicity) and Quake Arena (XBLA) indicates that You go har├âjust like the ├â┬║ltimos 4 a├â┬▒os: to receive checks.

The king has returned, Âthe king lives.

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