Second Life against the climatic change

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18 Oct 2007

Second LifeSecond Life is already one of the first spaces in seeing preocupacià ³ n of the change climÃtico with implementacià ³ n of the Ecoyincana game within the virtual space of the Ignited House. The game, developed by Medialabs, consists of 6 tests related to the environment that deberÃn of being surpassed by the videojugadores, which podrÃn to travel to a near future to see the effects of the change climÃtico.

misià ³ n of Medialabs is to spread to the message by means of prevencià ³ n of the change climÃtico. The videojugadores podrÃn to accede to Ecoyincana the times that wish and podrÃn to reclaim its advance without needing returning to begin thanks to intuitive menú of displacement. And for that two months manage to finish to the test during prà ³ ximos serÃn deserving of a virtual space in Second Life by everything año (with an approximated value of 2.000 Euros) cortesÃa of the Ignited House.

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