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21 Oct 2007

Vestibule is quite funny añadido of The Orange Box, nevertheless the use of this concept is not novel since 3D Realms makes almost 10 años desarrollà ³ and implementà ³ the idea in the project of Prey. If, that same game that lanzà ³ for the PC and 360 Xbox año happened.

The project was left (as realms is custom of 3D) nevertheless the piece of c├â ┬│ I say prevaleci├â ┬│ until versi├â final ┬│ n of Human Head. This video of 3 minutes demonstrates what habia developed in that time with two memorable moments, one is when it mentions ÔÇťthe present equipmentÔÇŁ and another one when it sends two vestibules simultaneously.

VÃa: Rock, Paper, Shotgun

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