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21 Oct 2007

Electronic ArtsNot that to think when reading this commentary of Gerhard Florin, chief of a main directorate of Electronic Arts International, which suggests:

Deberia to exist a única platform of videojuegos since the present competition between consoles ³ n between the developers and consumers creates an atmosphere of confusià “.

In the BBC interview online, Florin añadià ³ “What we want is a abierta platform, standardized, that is mÃsimple s that to have five that is not compatible.” CorrÃjanme if I am bad but Âqué competition does not serve it to foment the quality of or (or service) and gives to the consumer the benefit him to choose what but it agrees to him?

To carajo with this estúpido commentary of Electronic Arts, a company that seems to want to adueñar itself of all the market of videojuegos. Instead of to pay million by exclusive rights of licenses they deberÃan to worry to execute otherwise its tax exemptions and not to offer parchadas versions to us año with año.

By the way, Âthey have noticed the raquÃticos that are the manuals of the EA games? if they have 4 or 5 pÃginas already is gain.

VÃa: Gamasutra

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October 23rd, 2007 AT 1:13 a.m.

The commentary if this quite idiot one, is ilà ³ gico what says.

LÃstima that EA this directing by people with those ideas in the head. : S



November 19th, 2007 AT 7:00 p.m.

Good of course that if were a only console then certainly the compatibility estaria assures although to it consists of a possible exorbitado price. Furthermore I do not see together Nintendo, Micrsoft and Sony the truth.

I complete by the way it that you have commented: “By the way, Âthey have noticed the raquÃticos that are the manuals of the EA games? if they have 4 or 5 pÃginas already is gain.” it has been good. And esque the EA manuals are ridiculous. It is worth a manual of 20 pages for an action game is worth, but for one of roll with 20 pages you do not find out to you don't mention it.
And if we still spoke of editions collector of EA only that usually include is a book, but pequeño that the previous one, with the outlines of the game and a DVD with BSO and all this by 15⠂ ¬ or 20⠂ ¬ but, the truth is not worth the trouble.

If we spoke by the environment of which less trees and all that are talarian, Perhaps estaria justified but because they do not lower the prices. Perhaps it does not cost to them less to produce a manual of 20 pages instead of 60.

Furthermore EAGames does not foment the publishers of levels, which with suitable manuals podrian to extend the life of the games considerably. For example, the FarCry has an excellent publisher and comes with its manual for the publisher (that if in English). However the Crysis (his second spiritual part) is lost east manual. ÂSo that. Nor idea. I do not believe that nothing costs to them to include a file pdf of 15MB in the DVD. I believe that if for example had distributed to FX certainly until vendria the manual and the translated publisher to it and everything.

But in aim it seems that we are destined to find those comparable ridiculous manuals us to pamphlets of the Films in DVD. And the worse thing of all this is than EA continues growing as it shows his recent acquisition of BioWare.


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