Post Mortem de Bioshock

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31 Oct 2007

Hype of Bioshock is past, already we can remove to one conclusià general ³ n from this game, but before that it is recommendable east video of the development process.

This presentaci├â ┬│ n fu├â┬ę within cap├âtulo of the IGDA in Montreal the past 11 of September and we can see Chris Kline, programmer in head of Bioshock and SWAT 4 speaking of the process of development in extensive pl├âtica of but of one hour, with one sesi├â ┬│ n of questions and answers in the end.

He is interesting to see first we give of the game (very similar to System Shock) to verify that the initial concept was developed correctly. In case they do not want to see all the video, they can check a summary within pÃgina of the IGDA Montreal.

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