Rockstar Vienna complaint for being omitted in Manhunt 2

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2 Nov 2007

Manhunt 2Once mÃs Rockstar Games estÃin the eye of huracÃn because not incluyà ³ in the créditos of Manhunt 2 the work that made Rockstar Vienna before yielding the project.

Jurie Horneman, the previous producer, anuncià ³ that in the manual of game of Manhunt 2 omitted the names of little but of 50 people who worked in the game before Rockstar decided to close the study año past. Horneman said:

GustarÃa not to do to me except the work of Rockstar London but, judging by which I have seen in imÃprevious genes and, all the work that we did in Rockstar Vienna finds in versià final ³ n of the game, relocated or modified but to end of accounts estÃthere.

It bothers the attitude of Rockstar Games when trying that the work of Rockstar Vienna jamÃs existià ³, being that but of 50 people we put años of work and our better effort to obtain the best game. I feel proud of to have participated in this project “.

This subject is quite delicate, is not ético to omit the crédito of the original author. The IGDA has a Comité in charge of these subjects (even in beta). And soon the many developer is asked for qué are in process to leave the industry.

We will wait for the official answer of Rockstar Games, meanwhile they can check post original with the official list of people who began the project.

2 Responses to Rockstar Vienna complaint for being omitted in Manhunt 2


Jurie Horneman

November 4th, 2007 AT 5:33 p.m.

Hi. Thanks for mentioning my recent blog post. I would just like to point out that my last yam is spelled `Horneman' :)



November 14th, 2007 AT 9:09 a.m.

Game is very good game man hunt 2 in fact 1er that I amuse myself in psp. on violent content, it is the same concept that man hunt 1…. if they published the 1 so that not the 2. and if we go to but details not to deberianpublicar SAW and their sequels by real worse cinema so that I create qe are ymas.

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