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9 Nov 2007

Hype of I haul 3 is past, luckyly for my and celebrating the exit of Call of Duty 4 I am on the verge of emigrating to him to multiplayer that it counts on a much more mature community in FPS. You but do not occur very many egg me to play with people who do not have the smaller idea of than a series of rules at the time of playing in line exists. Not cheaters, not campers, not spawn killing and the best one of all, not trash talking.

The options remain short and it is not fault of the developer since he is one of the problems that carry to play in random servants, where you cannot have total control on the users. My experience in I haul 3 has been to regulate to disastrous in the ├â┬║ltimas two weeks: people whom gamecard sees your and does not stop in racist insults does not matter that she is of you yourself equipment, people who graze in the fields lately to the est├â┬║pido thing arguing that it is ÔÇťstrategyÔÇŁ, quitters (in excess) and people who remove benefit from bugs of the map.

I haul 3 is boasted to be the first place in the list of mÃs played, is one lÃstima that great part of its community does not know that a label exists in line.

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November 13th, 2007 AT 4:33 p.m.

Llamame Fanboy, but the único that I must say is: I haul 3 FTW!



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