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20 Nov 2007

PS3It can sound to supply chafa, but the certain thing is that Sony has made official the cut of the price of kits of development for the PS3 to s├â ┬│ half of the initial cost. According to SCEI, the prices paid attention to $10,250 for Norteam├â┬ęrica, 950.000 Yen in Jap├â ┬│ n and ├ó ┬é ┬Č7,500 for Europe. This cut responds to the strategy of Sony to contribute to the pocket of the developer community.

Between the main changes we have are incluÃdo SN tools Systems like the ProDG, SN-DBS and the SN Linker. The compiler estarÃavailable in the middle of December. The remarkable change of this SDK is in which it has stopped being only for QA questions (quality control) to perfectly integrate in the process of programacià ³ n.

The question is ÂcuÃndo darÃn facilities for the independent developers.

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November 22nd, 2007 AT 9:47 p.m.

UhmÔÇŽ many doubtsÔÇŽ.

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