Two minutes of homofobia in I haul 3

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15 DEC 2007

One of the so many things that I detest to play to multiplayer in I haul 3 is the pendejadas racism and the amount of that can be said in a few minutes. If you are Mexican you denote and perhaps it in your card of player in 4 of each 5 games look for joderte by something: “ÂHey quedate across of the river punctures mugroso” “ÂSo that you are not going away to gather fruit, jodido” and they do not lack to others weyes that explanations of Cnn or Fox News of by qué them give you subtractions development opportunities.

Now, if in your gamertag it is happened to you to put something like which it shows the following video, there is a 98% of probabilities that your experience in line is unbearable.

A true excrement.

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December 16th, 2007 AT 9:28 p.m.

But it is that is mÃobvious s that.

The one of I have lived it to the Mexicans, if you enter a lobby and by algún reason your estÃs platicando with somebody and you speak in español, they ask to you that you leave or they leave with hauled his beaner, hahaha

And with gays then. unfortunately asà estan the things, with the “anonymity” that you have to través of the extreme network and if him that great part of the 3 Wood community estÃformed of pubertos then.

Sad but true



December 17th, 2007 AT 3:59 p.m.

Something of this escribì in my blog, already has time, the entrance is called something patrotismo that (with tag of patrotismo)
It speaks of how the patriotic ones they do less to demàs nations and the fights of races, that definitively, far from to be good the patriotism, is bad, since it separates like beings of different group and race to us, like which we are not, HUMAN BEINGS.

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