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19 DEC 2007

*├é├é├é├éAFTER 6 A├â ┬Ĺ OS! WTF! *

The ├â┬║ltima time that we knew of Duke Nukem Forever fu├â┬ę in a video that mostr├â ┬│ during the E3 of the 2001, cu├âl llev├â ┬│ Las Palmas by the intensity of the jugabilidad. Nevertheless the project qued├â ┬│ in the forgetfulness and I do not doubt that 3D Realms is redistribu├âdo to the work party in other projects.

Like 10 a├â┬▒os and Christmas present despu├â┬ęs of to be announced, Duke Nukem Forever appears in scene with a new one to teaser. Is nothing of jugabilidad, but judging by gr├âficos apparently they work with one versi├â ┬│ n modified of engine of Doom 3, as with Prey.

The trailer realiz├â ┬│ for prop├â ┬│ situated interns and anunci├â ┬│ that is the beginning of a big wave of updates. Engine mantendr├âeffective like the date of exit: ÔÇťWhen est├â┬ę readyÔÇŁ. Like extra data, 3D Realms not desacart├â ┬│ that Duke Nukem Forever is developed for Xbox 360.

If, the voice is of Jon St John, the ÔÇťDukeÔÇŁ of all the life.

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