Zbrush 3 in Assassins Creed and Rainbow Six Fertile valleys

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20 DEC 2007

I am useful to put this video that realiz├â ┬│ the people of Pixologic altogether with Ubisoft Montreal to show the job stream of the Canadian study in games as Rainbow Six Vegas and Assassin' s You believe. A month ago I put myself to work with Zbrush 3,1 and qued├â┬ę very made an impression with the facility to generate models with great level of detail, starting off of mesh of low pol├âgonos.

But details and images despu├â┬ęs of the jump - >

In b├â┬║squeda of videos and manuals me encontr├â┬ę with some im├âgenes of Assassins Creed in the official forums of Pixologic and with a league to this video. In order to see the rest of im├âgenes click aqu├â to go to post in Central Zbrush

Assassins Creed

Assassins Creed NPC

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