Star Wars in Soul Calibur IV… WTF!

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10 Jan 2008

If, they did as it in Soul Calibur III, to Namco him ocurrià ³ “shining” the idea that in Soul Calibur IV habrÃexclusive personages. I put and it in inverted commas not by the exclusive feature, but by the out of place thing that is Star Wars of the concept of Soul Calibur. I do not blame to Lucas nor I put the t-shirt of fanboy, everything in the industry is moderate in dà ³ lares and is a fact that Star Wars needs one at this moment “intervencià ³ n”.

By the way, Vader serÃexclusive of PS3 and Yoda… hmm who cares Yoda?

Thanks V3N0M

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January 10th, 2008 AT 1:19 a.m.

Hahahah, después of the anger/sacà ³ n of wave/decepcià ³ n to see of my favorite personages in this mercenary act, I believe that seguiré your advice and disfrutaré. total.

The game is good and then. Rulea Vader

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