Fifa Street 3 is an excrement

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20 Jan 2008

Fifa Street 3

I occurred the opportunity yesterday to prove demo of FIFA Street 3 which is available in the Marketplace of the 360 for dÃas. My first and última impresià ³ n: he is worse demo than I have played in the console, very below Vampire Rain or the very same Hour of Victory.

taste, series BIG of Electronic Arts is a desperate attempt to attract the accidental público to play less complex versions “and but arcades” of its brothers majors (dÃgase FIFA, Madden or NBA Live) but that mà lacks the elementimportant s: a good jugabilidad.

The Artificial intelligence is ridÃculamente estúpida ÂCà ³ mo is possible that in a game of street soccer, where the objective is to deceive to the opponent the IA is dedicated to back down and to become feints or to walk on the wall? Within the control scheme, the movement too much is forced and finishes by frustrarte to half of party less than; ³ is ilà enough gico that with botà ³ n “fintes automÃticamente” and with stick “fintes of predetermined way “….ÂQué is not the same.

In case outside little, ambientacià does not exist one suitable ³ n, diseño of the level lacks imaginacià ³ n or elements that can serve so that the player operates the style of game of one or the other way. He is demo and the excuse can be “work in progress” but this is a problem that already has treated in the previous games, which do not happen of the 63 in Metacritic.

He is true lÃstima that exists tÃtulos with this level of mediocrity. In the section grÃfico I reserve the commentaries since podrÃa to be too crude. If they wish to verify advanced it, not serÃpainful the unloading (hardly 293MB) but I warn to them in one go: it is a total and it completes excrement.

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January 20th, 2008 AT 6:39 a.m.

I finish lowering demo of fifastreet 3 and Mongolian me quedé when seeing that the diagrams and the handling of the party were of but disagreeable the possible thing. And it seems to me a hair seizure that, with the potential that has ps3 removes a game that apostaria that in my reason podria to load without problems of the miser who is. And when seeing the excrement that is east game I arranged to sit down in the computer and to put in the GOOGLE: “fifa street 3 one mierd” to see if somebody joint party my opinion or is that I volvi gilipollas suddenly, because it is incredible that it has seen a game thus in my PS3 and is that erases demo it in -3 seconds so that my console not jodiera me. Sincerely, if I see east game on sale, I go away directly to EASPORTS where it wants that this and to go to me to print it to the face to the director. PUTAAAAA SON!


Fifa Street 3 is an excrement

January 20th, 2008 AT 3:02 p.m.

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January 24th, 2008 AT 6:48 p.m.

Good… it is that only that photo sees pèsima.

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