My Xbox is crack for the brain (according to the Times)

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21 Jan 2008

Dr Evil

In MCV I am with the news that Janice Turner, a columnista of the Times, has written an extensive one and “abominable” artÃculo about the time that the niños in front of the console pass of videojuegos. I do not doubt in mÃs mìnimo that Janice is of the type of mothers who consider “next-gene”, of that borrow some caracterÃsitcas geeks at the time of worrying about their children, but who lamentably remain in the days of inquisicià ³ n by commentaries so estúpidos as éste:

“Portable I refuse to buy them gaming consoles, Xboxes, GameCubes, PS2s. These plows Satan' s Sudoku, crack cocaine of the brain. Even the crappiest cartoon or lamest soap teaches to child about to character, plot, drama, humor, life. Playing videogames, children plows mentally imprisoned, wired into to their evil creators' brains.”

To read this has made me reflect in ÂCuÃntas people who surround to us think in this way? of less in my case I take to 20 años listening commentaries of the type. In short, so far I am going to drug itself and to bocetar of qué way I can induce to the niños to live in my twisted full mind on pr0n, oreo and p2p.

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January 24th, 2008 AT 6:48 p.m.

That it is done to me that the monkey that is of those of Scientology.

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