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22 Jan 2008


Surfer Girl is one of the sources but reliable as far as the industry of videojuegos it talks about. In the última actualizacià ³ n of his blog I see 3 notes that call much to me atencià ³ n:

- During prà ³ ximo Ubidays mostrarÃn tÃtulos like GRAW 3, the new Prince of Persia and Darkworks' Alive.
- Infinity Ward is developing to Call of Duty 6
- Crytek is supervising, but not developing a version of Crysis for console.

It is a fact that Infinity Ward seguirÃwith this line of games since prestige and gains without precedents have generated him, the único that worries to me is, by ambicià ³ n of Activision, the tax exemption loses identity. 3 GRAW and MGP tÃtulos are waited for, ojalà enough that third versià ³ n of GRAW does not disappoint like the previous one.

By ├â┬║ltimo, ├éwe needed a version Crysis for console? I no, already termin├â┬ę in PC. Nevertheless despu├â┬ęs of tremendous inversi├â is *INDISPENSABLE* Crytek to generate gains ┬│ n since as all we know, the sales have not been as it were expected (thanks to the requirements).

ÂThat they think?

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