The Wii exceeds in 4 to 1 to the PS3 in sales (in Japan)

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28 Feb 2008

Wii Japan

In agreement with reports of Enterbrain (Famitsu) and a company/signature of mercad├â ┬│ logo, the Wii estar├âa exceeding in 4 to 1 in sales to Playstation 3 in Jap├â ┬│ n. In spite of the recent blunting of the console of Sony, the Wii has sold 331.627 consoles during February, whereas the PS3 hardly alcanz├â ┬│ the 89,131. Xbox 360 follows the loss, with hardly 14.079 consoles. raz├â ┬│ n of this increase is in the ├â┬ęxito of the Wii Fit and Super Smash Bros. Brawl

The ├â┬ęxito of the Wii tambi├â┬ęn falls to powerful campa├â┬▒a of publicity, focused to the accidental p├â┬║blico and in the increase of games, for all the pleasures. Nevertheless the Wii tambi├â┬ęn shows t├âtulo of being less played and the one than it has but sweepings of games in his salary. Everything what shines is not gold.

Source: Gamasutra

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