Metal Gear Solid 4 for June

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29 Feb 2008


Konami made official, Metal Gear Solid 4 har├âa simultaneous debut in Jap├â ┬│ n, Norteam├â┬ęrica and Europe pr├â ┬│ ximo 12 of June (of this a├â┬▒o) with which incluir├âGear metal Online that soportar├âup to 16 players in line. By all means Konami has planned something extra for they preorder which it: Dvd commemorative of the 20 anniversary of the tax exemption, with a retrospective one to dem├âs games, profiles of the personages and m├âimportant s, that it is the access to the beta of MGS Online at the end of April.

VÃa: Gamasutra

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