Two shooters for the weekend

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29 Feb 2008

recomendacià ³ n of games for this two weekend is shooters, name by pÃgina of IndieGames like the best ones of the 2007. Addictive and they are completely opposed at level grÃfico. First it is Echoes is a game developed by BinaryZoo; I see one it versià improved ³ n of Asteroids, with I touch of Geometry Wars but that unlike these, your ship counts on a bar of energÃa that falls little by little when you hit with asteroids.


One both controls with mouse (hardly with touchpad of lap) and bellboys, varying the speed according to which so rÃI ask you make the change from a side to another one. There are 10 levels of difficulty and 3 items that you can obtain: firings, pump and energÃa for your ship. He is addictive and grÃficamente impressive, mainly when you destroy giant asteroids and the screen vibrates, followed of a fog effect.

On the other hand, Honeyblaster is to shooter horizontal, developed by Low Fuel, in which you control a pixelada bee that it must kill other insects. tem├âtica can seem infantile but the bottoms monocrom├âticos and the level gr├âfico (pixelado with resoluci├â ┬│ n of 160├Ś100 and effects of scanline) gives another adult touch him but. Account with three scenes, one of them tribute to Doom, with espec├âficos enemies and a level of difficulty in increase.


By the way, if they were wondered if they must install some extra sweepings to run them thenÔÇŽ no, are gratuitous. I omit the videos of Youtube because they do not make justice to the quality gr├âfica of both t├âtulos.

In order to unload Echoes click aquÃ. For Honeyblaster, click aquÃ.

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