Fallout 3 with but of 200 end

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26 Sea 2008

Fallout 3

Todd Howard, executive producer of Bethesda, anuncià ³ in podcast of the OXM that Fallout 3 estÃin the final phase of development and it remains very little to complete it. According to Howard, the game has the peculiarity to count on almost 200 end, with slight changes but it is a fact that the decisions that you take in the game afectarÃn the outcome of the plot.

Howard apunt├â ┬│ that the game is the double than ten├âa raised in dise├â┬▒o original in paper and in spite of not getting to be as great as Oblivion, approaches to him with 100 hours of game. Bethesda is garant├âa, the ├â┬║nico that worries to me is that descuidar├â┬ę many things it has when it in my power. :P

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