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31 Sea 2008

Sims 3

In agreement with Rod Humble, creative director of the study responsible for this delivery, Sims 3 has like objective when traditional gamer thanks to their new system of game on the basis of objectives. In agreement with Humble, in third versià ³ n of The Sims podrÃs to realize activities as jardinerÃa fishes or, based on objectives that to perhaps are him familiar to many of us who we enjoyed the massive games.

The idea is to separate from the idea of “cages of hamsters” in Sims 2 the game was not mÃs that a group of “hamsters with works”. The experience that looks for in this new delivery is of a game mÃopen s.

decisià is one dangerous ³ n since the éxito of the Sims is in the accidental market to which it goes directed, nevertheless this experience a little mÓsocial” s can give the change him that always we have waited for (if, I también fuà fan of the Sims). The interview can read completes it in MCV.

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