Capcom acquires to K2, the creators of Tenchu

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31 Sea 2008

K2⠀ ™ s Tenchu

Capcom anunci├â ┬│ that comprar├âto K2, the study responsible for the saga of Tenchu, with the purpose of to obtain a development process m├âs r├âI ask and efficient. K2 is not extra├â┬▒o for Capcom since they worked altogether in the development of Lost Planet, raz├â ┬│ n by which the giant japon├â┬ęs affirms that this adquisici├â ┬│ n volver├âm├âcompetitive s.

A├â┬║n does not know that pasar├âwith Tenchu or Valhalla Knights since the study enfocar├âto work in the projects of Capcom, a├â┬║n as├â I hope patiently that ┬│ n of worthy Tenchu of generaci├â is given to one versi├â present ┬│ n of consoles and not a mess like fu├â┬ę Tenchu Z.

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