Super Mario Bros in a Javascript of 14kb

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22 Apr 2008

Mario Bros

I have been this versià ³ n of Super Mario Bros that hardly occupies 14kb which has been programmed in Javascript. In agreement with the author:

They do not exist imÃexternal genes or something of the sort, all this rendereado with Javascript using elements of canvas or divs for IE. Sprites is stored in customized chains in a format that only allows to four colors by each sprite and that consequently occupies of 40 to 60 bytes. The integrated música consists are data condificados in base64; there is support for IE and no podrÃa to vary in yield according to the navigator.

It is possible to mention that it is not a complete level and it has some details with the blocks, nevertheless is an excellent experiment. The t├â┬ęcnicos details can be aqu├â.

VÃa Nihilogic

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