It files for April, 2008

From yesterday already estÃavailable in the Marketplace versià ³ n of Ikaruga for XBLA. With tables of lìderes and multiplayer via Xbox Live it is a gangue by 800 points. If you want to remember those frustrating afternoons to try to obtain score perfect with your control of Dreamcast this is your opportunity, if not… always existirÃMr [...]

It is not newness that EA wants to obtain until the último cent each that produces and distributes a game. Taking advantage of the announcement weeks ago, referring to the microtransactions of Battlefield Bad Company, a group of ingenious occurred to the task of arming one parodia in video.

The question is ÂSÃ ³ because it is EA? I say, [...]

The magazine “for Games Windows” has stopped existing thanks to one decisià ³ n of Ziff Davis (the dueños that estÃn in bankruptcy) as of today. The magazine that during as much well-known time fué as Computer Gaming World (from 1981) dejà ³ the free path to a mediocre PC Gamer to give him to cover to a market [...]

Another one meme

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6 Apr 2008

Meme mÃs, this time of my WeskA friend `:
1. To take to the book mÃnear s, to go to pÃgina 18 and to transcribe lÃnea 4:
“To create a perfect creature in paper or to even carve it in clay before sentarte in front of your computer…” Mayan Techniques: Hyper-Realistic Creature Creation
2. The último counts that dresses in tele.

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