Wolfenstein 3D fulfills 15 años

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5 May 2008

Today it makes 15 años you go Software gave light to which serÃa the father of the First Person Shooters: Wolfenstein 3D. The problem is that there is no sufficient money to engage chamberlains and to dance vals because you go it finds restructuracià in the heat of ³ n (thanks to the height of the Unreal Engine).

Todd Hollenshead (CEO of you go) said años ago that all the games that followed to him have been one modificacià ³ n of the style bÃsico of Wolf3D. In agreement with Game|Life, the éxito de Wolfenstein is in the amount of imitadores that it had and the same fact to kill Nazis.

The Nazis have been replaced by Russian separatists or Ãrabes, nevertheless mecÃnica of the games in first person stays intact for 15 años. Happy cumpleaños to B.J. Blazkowicz.

VÃa: Wired.com

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