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15 Jun 2008

Shadow of the Colossus

A habitual caracterÃstica of any gamer (accidental, hardcore, etc) are to have in mind the perfect game, the one that llegarÃto define the way of the industry and that us librarÃof the mediocrity of games that we must support each año (tax exemptions coverall).

The problem of that sueño is that we are sufficiently jealous like sharing it we put, it in a pedestal and hardly he is landed like a viable project. Combined to that we have a book infinity that says cà ³ mo you must to you of iniciarte in the field of diseño of games in which first pÃginas estÃn populated with phrases like “pon the coherent Earth feet” or “in your diseño”.

You but después not to read itself as much about the subject finish disgusted of advice who the only thing that obtains is that the nascent diseñador puts barriers and it does not explode to mÃximo its creative capacity. I agree that también is due to think like producer, in the silver that is needed to assure realizacià ³ n a project nevertheless that is not reason so that we must raise us the train of “which sells” and leaving the way of “which amuses”.

ÂBy qué to stop to us? We leave ideas flow, we fill them the blackboards of them because inevitably we will arrive at a pleasant end. That remembers to my classes of Visualizacià Creative ³ n: an untiring rain of ideas in the slate of which they arise sinfín from variants to face a problem and ahà analyzes the ways mÃs viable. If we limited ourselves from a beginning then we will not be able to see that demÃs does not include/understand or has experimented, we will not be able to do “that nobody has done”.

prà ³ xima time that you have an idea (or ten) about cà ³ mo deberÃa to be the game that supplants to Gears of War of the popularity lists escrÃbelo, defines its caracterÃsticas, ponte in the shoes of the videojugador and pregúntate three things bÃsicas:

- ÂQuién I am?
- ÂQué treatment to obtain?
- ÂCuÃthey are to them my alternatives to obtain it?

It thinks about múltiples options for each answer. Perhaps you are surviving of a nuclear disaster, have pésimo character and one aficià ³ n by the tattoos that have forced to you to travel reason why it remains of the world until finding the traditional tatuador único that lives kidnapped by a horde on alienÃgenas that only can survive low temperatures.

You are too slow to recharge revà ³ to perhaps lver but sufficiently hard as to load cañà ³ n of a Panzer. Perhaps you do not survive frÃo of the surroundings but forms a group with people of other races that allow hacerte you of you implant especÃficos, is probable that you last at least five or ten minutes in the inclemency.

Perhaps they are not the tattoos which you look for, or that you must descend to the hell, that I. You do not limit yourself, it leaves flow the ideas and once you finish everything makes maps where all the variants are interconnected. Certainly two or five not aplicarÃn and serÃn rejected but that not it sabrÃs until you have all the letters on the table.

In the end you darÃs tells that you thought tens of possible games about one sesià ³ n. The best form to realize something different is thinking different and the first step is deshacerte of any prejudice that dims your creative capacity.

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