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4 Aug 2008


Not if dej├â┬ę to take to me by hype of Devil 3 or plane I did case to him friend Morning call and its indecorosa propose of playing Devil 2 by TCP/IP. The certain thing is that I am beginning again and I realize much that extra├â┬▒aba. ├éBy qu├â┬ę already nobody takes the annoyance from thus dise├â┬▒ar games.

In that rediscovery I occurred to the task of reinstating Max Payne (if, by hype of I confess it to the film), DeusEX (to speak to one detail of the best diseñadores than they exist: Warren Spector) and nonOne Lives Forever (I am fan of Archer Blow). ÂAh that good games! That nostalgia of those times in which the stage of pre-produccià ³ n was a very important step and the industry of new videojuegos preferÃa the IPs before the tÃpicas tax exemptions.

By the way, it does but of two weeks that I do not catch my 360, reason why I see I believe that seguirÃextinguished because I finish finding my cajota of Freelancer. Doubt does not fit that the only that it avoids that particià roars my ³ n with Windows is the love to old school.

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