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4 Aug 2008

Profits of Blizzard

Blizzard anuncià ³ that is working in which calls “Blizzard Accounts” that you permitirÃto take a registry of all the games of compañÃa. In tÃtulos like 3 Starcraft 2, Devil or new expansià ³ n of WoW.

This system with “profits” already can be found in the beta of Wrath of the Lich King and según Blizzard serÃa species of virtual identity by means of which other people sabrÃn the good thing that you are. I ask S.A. to arrive at certain level we will be deserving of algún object of value in “x” game or promocià special ³ n.

I am in favor of this type of initiatives, the problem is in the system of rewards to the user. Basà ndonos in the traditional system of game we understand that our aim is always to in fact complete certain objectives (to finish the game, to gain experience, to conquer quests) in exchange for a reward (a good Cg, items, XP, etc.) but Âqué desire with achievements? Of less in little than I have seen in the 360 people only makes gamerscore to presume certain “superiority” before its grupies. To end of the day to have 3000 or 30 000 points of Gamerscore in the 360 is used for the same.

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