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11 Aug 2008

Kicks Online

I talk back this note that redact├â┬ę for The Wired Blog:

To produce videojuegos in M├â┬ęxico is not something preposterous and for coarse sample east new massive game of called soccer Kicks Online that est├âto enter Open Beta from the 15 of August (the following week). The game is of street soccer of 5 versus 5 with the particularitity of which you can personalize in line to your transformation thanks to the store on which it counts. Part of the staff of Box X had opportunity to participate in the Closed Beta and were very with mouth flavor. The game est├âcompletely in espa├â┬▒ol and destined the Hispanic community.

I leave the press official notice them.

Games vision, the first one publisher Mexican of videojuegos in lÃnea has announced that its advance multiplayer massive game of fútbol in lÃnea Kicks Online, iniciarÃits period of tests abiertas to the público during the month of August.
Kicks Online permitir├âto thousands of users to play intense games of f├â┬║tbol street trav├â┬ęs of Internet, the game for PC estar├âavailable in l├ânea to trav├â┬ęs of his p├âgina Web, totally in espa├â┬▒ol and oriented for the Mexican and Latin American market.
├ó ┬Ç ┬ť Is for us a pleasure to extend this invitaci├â ┬│ n to the p├â┬║blico in general├ó ┬Ç ┬Ł said to Alexander Mart├ânez, Executive Director of M├â┬ęxico Vision, ├ó ┬Ç ┬ť Is a great opportunity so that the players know the game and participate in formaci├â ┬│ n of comunidad├ó ┬Ç ┬Ł.
The players who est├â┬ęn interested podr├ân to obtain an account to participate in the tests of gratuitous way registr├ândose in www.kicksonline.com.mx. The tests iniciar├ân the 15 of August.

Echenle an eye, total says by ahà that to see (and to play) is not pleased.

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