How to develop a game in 48 hours

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15 Apr 2009

Sailing in I have been this video narrated by Kyle Gabler (2D Boy) where it lists a series of advices to develop a game in only 48 hours. Why would anybody like to generate a game in a little time? To become famous, to have suck and women after winning in Global Game Jam.

The interesting thing is that these advices go perfectly for those that want to begin in the video games development. The first and last advice they apply practically any person who wants to begin in the way of the development of video games: Do not compete with a game AAA and my favorite:

Never Fall in Love
The 2nd Theorem of Destruction says: Expert love and effort INCREASE, the probability of SELF DESTRUCTION approaches 1

Link: "How to Make to Game in 48 Hours” (Video by 2D Boy) []

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