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25 Sep 2008

Fallout MMOG

For several months we know that Interplay was on the verge of appearing again thanks to teaser in his website. Despu├â┬ęs to conclude with the legal problems, compa├â┬▒├âa has returned to the business and glides to enter by the great door with a MMOG (├éFallout), of except that it says the document that filed of a long time ago in the site of the ESA where are data like the budget of pre-producci├â ┬│ n, producci├â ┬│ n and the considered date of launching (2010).

Interplay has contracted Christopher Taylor to act like diseñador of the system of game of the V13 project. Taylor unirÃto members of the equipment of the original equipment of Fallout and anuncià ³ that abrirÃn a study in Irvine Ca to develop the new project. The question aquà is the rights of Fallout, was sold to Bethesda and in the remote case that this MMOG took the name, Interplay tendrÃa that to pay to a 12% of the sales and the rights of suscripcià ³ n that generates the game.


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