It files for September, 2008

The recent declarations of Peter Moore (EA remember) me to those of Phill Harrison or Ken Kutaragi in their beautiful times like masterminds of Sony. For much Moore admitià ³ not to have been the arm executor of the Dreamcast, to put themselves to tú by tú with Yuji Naka or to assure that the cost hard disk fué [...]

One of the problems that face the diseñador-scriptwriter at the time of implementing the narrative is without a doubt to define the caracterÃsticas of the main personage, comúnmente called “héroe”. If we threw a look to the RPGs Eastern (and some western ones) for example, we found that the main personage is the person mÃstupid s of the world, not [...]

For that never they played Fallout, the project designà Goes Buren was the name whereupon Black Isle ³ the development of Fallout 3 before Interplay decided to cancel the development. The prototype of tecnologÃa that usarÃa Fallout 3 filtrà ³ recently mÃs of año to the network, nevertheless already is [...]


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17 Sep 2008

During Austin GDC mà is made every timestrong s the rumor that Google estarÃa to buy at any time to Valve. Google has denied to make any commentary on the matter perhaps reason why the rumor is made a reality in prà ³ ximas hours. We know that Valve has one of the models of [...]


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17 Sep 2008

With the permission of my friend V3N0M I reproduce the último post of his blog of Ãntegra way:
Platicando with friendly to través of the Messenger me surgià ³ a question: Âcà ³ mo is moderate the level of gamer. I talk about to cà ³ mo to know how to classify it like accidental or hardcore, or knowing if he is good or bad.
[...] Are niños

Havok made official the launching of sixth versià ³ n of his popularmiddleware which comes with a pair from mà ³ dulos new: Cloth and Destruction. First of these servirÃto equip the personages with clothes to behave like its real counterpart and también podrÃto be used in other elements like flags, curtains and virtually in [...]

The so mysterious “new instrument” of the new Guitar Hero (World Tour) resultà ³ to be in fact one functionality for opcià ³ n of Music Studio. In the versions of 360 PS3 and XB serÃpossible to concern tracks MIDI to the Music Studio thanks to a patch that estarÃavailable in the week of the launching of the game.
The problem with [...]

Activision Blizzard, dueña of the rights to produce games of James Bond until the 2014 him ocurrià ³ “shining” the idea to give to us each año a game of Bond. And I say of way sarcà to itstica because this leaves to a side innovacià ³ n and its place occupies the maquila.
This news, [...] is not surprise

If it interests to develop videojuegos to you or to work in the industry “gaining reason why mÃs you like to do surely” you have visited infinity of forums in español where sometimes they tend mÃs to desinformarte that to solve your doubts. First that you must do he is preguntarte “Âqué you like” à ³ “Âqué is facilitated to you” [...] Can

Chris Crawford is one of the diseñadores of games that mÃs right respect and with commentaries like “that jodan grÃficos, they create better emotions” makes think that the new litter me of independent developers harÃn case of these wise words at the time of generating new concepts.
In the opening of the GDC of Austin, [...]

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