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12 Oct 2008

The Wired Blog

These últimos dÃas I have worked close by with my friend Carlos Gutierrez in the change of image to all the network of blogs that represents G33K ON. First in undergoing rediseño it is The Wired Blog and for that I have been based on the subject Braincast de Storelicius and InfectedFX.

We begin a new stage in this network of blogs, integrated by people of many flavors: geeks, gamers, addict to cafeÃna, comics, to the Dr Pepper, pelÃculas Eastern of low budget or to the soccer but that all counts on a magnÃfico gift: the quality in its work. This it is first of many changes that come.

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October 13th, 2008 AT 1:20 p.m.

Congratulations by new diseño, you quedà ³ rather well.

CuÃnto to follow to him with CajaEquis? :P

And between the flavors you faltà ³ pr0n. (Robert, your, etc.)

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