Playing Grand Theft Car 4

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5 May 2008

It is my first weekend with Grand Theft Car 4, I take 25% and I can say right now until that this sobreestimated. I do not understand if to be the game mÃexpensive s of the history is in which Rockstar has paid millonada to raise some décimas and to position like the game mÃhigh s in Metacritic.

I do not say that GTA 4 is bad, in fact is an excellent game, nevertheless has many details that decrease the jugabilidad. We begin by cÃmara at the time of subirte to a car: the problem aquà is Ãngulo of visià ³ n that does not allow you to have control of the route, you need to use anÃright logo to vary Ãngulo and después awhile become annoying.

The second fault is in the system to aim: he is vague sometimes and cÃmara arrives at traicionarte in vital missions where you are yourself surrounded by federals (p$% children). There is a point to favor that is cubrirte to the Gears style of War, the problem aquà is that the zones not estÃn defined well and to happen from a wall to another one in the middle of a shooting becomes a nightmare.

Speaking of good things, the game is a true monster. The system of appointments (yet and sex), coffee Internet, prevailed of table and a range mÃs of services available returns it addictive. I only hope that despuès of 20 hours (I take 14) does not cause the same to me sensacià ³ n that GTA 3: too much freedom finishes by aburrirte.

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May 5th, 2008 AT 12:20 p.m.

You have razà ³ n in the faults that you mention, mainly with the system to aim…

it happens to me that while change of weapon, I cover myself and I aim already they lowered average bar to me of energÃa…

The handled one I like, when litters mainly drunk, hahahaha, are seen of eggs… nadamÃs lacked the psicodélicos colors for the effect of Ãcido.

And if, the game is a monster, tens of things that to do, and aún with those pequeñas faults is a game that amuses, that is what in truth it matters.

Suckea that Niko Bellic has a social life better than mÃa. hahahaha


they jordan

August 13th, 2008 AT 1:37 p.m.

hello I want to desir to them that gra the autu is a very good game

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