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7 Jun 2008

SDK Playstation 2

Due to the increasing demand of developer that exists in the market, Sony has done what debià ³ to do for many años: to offer kits of development from Playstation and PSP to the universities that offer courses of programacià ³ n of videojuegos. This new program knows like Playstation-edu and estÃfocused that the potential developers know the language and dinÃwork mica that implies east SDK.

Playstation-edu comes in two flavors: SDK of Playstation 2 and SDK of PSP. Both come with software from development and hardware to prove it. This program estÃfocused programmers exclusively, who podrÃn to accede to a special forum created by compañÃa to clear doubts and to obtain the necessary support.

If your university has some plan of programacià focused ³ n to then videojuegos podrÃas to comment the person in charge so that it contacts Mark Danks directly (the representative of PS-edu) and asà to him to obtain all the informacià ³ n. These kits are not gratuitous reason why the university tendrÃthat to invest some dà ³ lares if it wishes to apply them to his classes.

I suppose that to the being an educative program, the prices of the SDK serÃn accessible and the licenses podrÃan to be for múltiples usuary.

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