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Seg├â┬║n the analyst Billy Pidgeon, the PS3 ser├âa the ├â┬║ltima work of art in the market of consoles of videojuegos, since the ├â┬ęxito of the Wii and the recent explosion of accidental players dictar├âan the price of following generaci├â ┬│ n of consoles. The expert assures that as much to Sony as to Microsoft not them [...]

Sony Computer Entertainment America anunci├â ┬│ the official sound track of the game Great Tourism 5 Prolog in which we see names known like DJ Shadow, Justice, Weezer or The Mars Volta. The game contar├âwith a list of exclusive subjects for versi├â ┬│ n of Norteam├â┬ęrica, as├â like new versi├â ┬│ n of the subject cl├âsico Moon Over The [...]

I have counted up to 10 (even up to 100) and have not been able to undo of the anger and decepcià to me ³ n that I have by PES 2008 for XB360. A game is a lack of respect to the consumer on the part of Konami when giving that not estÃready, in case of being asà they deberÃan to hang of the noble parts to [...]

If the strum-bar is not yours and you wish something ÔÇťbut realisticÔÇŁ (but realistic ser├âa to touch a guitar ├éno) then you can darte this new kit that removes the bar and in its place it places a cord to activate notes with its respective frets. Kit consists of cord, plates of wood, screws, means and [...]

FaceBreaker is the new game of Box developed by EA Canada, the people in charge of Fight Night Round 3, who have decided on a style grÃfico very similar to that we saw in Team Fortress. EA estÃoperating this style right and left in games as the new Battlefield or Fifa Street 3 and is [...]

Harmonix, the responsible equipment to develop Guitar Hero and Rockband, demand├â ┬│ to Activision (of less for hours) by 14,5 million of d├â ┬│ lares in regal├âas by Guitar Hero III, nevertheless despu├â┬Ęs anunci├â ┬│ that the adjustment lleva├âa I finish outside the courts.
The treatment of Harmonix and Activision contemplates two types of payments: [...]

Konami anunci├â ┬│ that is working with the developer espa├â┬▒ol Mercury Steam (CB' s Jericho, Scrapland) in t├âtulo close by that ver├âthe light between 2009 and 2010. The ÔÇťsecret projectÔÇŁ (PS3, XB360) ser├âpart of forward edge of games of the house MGS developer. The strategy of Konami is to have a major [...]

In spite of the crÃticas if it fulfills or not what fans has hoped during años, Street Fighter IV is must have for my coleccià ³ n. That treatment grÃfico to the style okami gives a quite interesting touch him.

Konami made official, Metal Gear Solid 4 har├âa simultaneous debut in Jap├â ┬│ n, Norteam├â┬ęrica and Europe pr├â ┬│ ximo 12 of June (of this a├â┬▒o) with which incluir├âGear metal Online that soportar├âup to 16 players in line. By all means Konami has planned something extra for they preorder which it: Dvd commemorative of [...]

Perhaps many do not know it, but Rockband is not official in M├â┬ęxico. distribuci├â does not exist one ┬│ n on the part of EA and for which we have the game, opci├â ┬│ n to buy the packages that leave every Tuesday in the Marketplace is null (of less in a Mexican account). The presale in GameRush est├âputting [...]

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