The following cheap console generation serÃa but thanks to the Wii

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26 Sea 2008


SegÃÂșn the analyst Billy Pidgeon, the PS3 serÃa the ÃÂșltima work of art in the market of consoles of videojuegos, since the éxito of the Wii and the recent explosion of accidental players dictarÃan the price of following generaciÃ Âł n of consoles. The expert as much assures that to Sony as to Microsoft he has not gone to them well, the pérdidas ones of $240 by each PS3 and respective the $125 of the XB360 have left the door him abierta to Nintendo, which has obtained excellent gains with a “Gamecube 1,5 with movement sensor”.

In the personnel I believe that the accidental market todavÃa estÃvery far like dictating to all one generacià ³ n of consoles. Having a Wii has become one annoying fashion, if they do not create to me make a survey between his friendly that do not play; I assure that mà to thems of half wishes this console. The Wii podrÃto be the console mÃsold s, nevertheless is less played and that does not agree to the producing houses.


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