Grand Theft Car 4 for the DS:

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31 Sea 2008


This seems mÃs a joke of April' s Fool, nevertheless a distributer francés has put in its lists versià ³ n of GTA 4 for DS to distribute during prà ³ ximo month of June. Nor Rockstar and Nintendo has not either confirmed (or denied) this announcement that seems mÃs dedazo of Excel that another thing.

ÂQué so well verÃa a GTA 4 in the DS? Perhaps optarÃa by a view superior since the capacities 3D of the console do not estan to renderear all Liberty City. Rumor or not aquà estÃthe original source.

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November 9th, 2008 AT 11:25 a.m.

gta 4 for ds goes has to be with diagrams in 3d (the equal diagrams go is Mr. that l sn anreas) I already I have porq m cmpre of stads unds ai lla to balance

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