Tecmo Super Bowl for DS

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19 Jul 2008

Even though that exists an endless ones of forms to revivir clÃsico of American soccer of Tecmo, already is official who versià ³ n of DS, titled Tecmo Bowl: Kickoff, aparecerÃfor the end of September. Judging by the video the game seems to be the same, perhaps with a slight adjustment in grà ficas but the same so simple and addictive jugabilidad by which it became famous.

Because EA counts on the license of the NFL, this versià ³ n of Tecmo Bowl comes with fictitious equipment, real cities and a publisher who permitirÃthat we change what one feels like to us (it uniforms, stage, name of the players or names of the equipment). And if, to egg that if ³ n has opcià multiplayer vÃa WiFi.

You but not to revivir those animations of five pesos in the DS, for my do not have price.

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July 22nd, 2008 AT 6:30 p.m.

Uyyyy k!

That game if it is going to be, of you challenge them to eggs of the Tecmo Bowl, everything clÃsico

And I who vendà my DS :(

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