EA loses the battle with TakeTwo but it gains 3 veterans of Metroid Prime

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15 Sep 2008

Metroid Prime

Electronic Arts decidi├â ┬│ to retire the supply of purchase of TakeTwo because it did not obtain what thought from the beginning: to most of remain with the pie of the gains of Grand Theft Car 4. With this the actions of TakeTwo underwent p├â┬ęrdida of $4.50USD (by acci├â ┬│ n) it leaves what them in the same previous state to the approach of EA (which ubic├â ┬│ in $44.08 by acci├â ┬│ n).

We know that poes├âa has stopped existing in the industry and everything moves nevertheless by n├â┬║meros fills to me of alegr├âa to see that one compa├â┬▒├âa that it does not know the meaning palbra ÔÇť├â┬ęticaÔÇŁ is lost this battle. Nevertheless Electronic Arts anunci├â ┬│ today that became of the services of 3 veterans responsible for the development of Metroid Prime when signing a contract with Armature Games.

Armature Games estÃconformed by Mark Pacini, Todd Keller and Jack Mathews (to dir of game, to dir of art and Ing. of tecnologÃa) ex--Retro Studios and people in charge of the game Metroid Prime, which glide to generate a new series of IPs with a model of interesting business that consists of one pequeña main base working with external developers (suppliers).

The contract grants the rights to him to EA to publish all the games realized by Armature Games by a long period of time.

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