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Harmonix, the responsible equipment to develop Guitar Hero and Rockband, demand├â ┬│ to Activision (of less for hours) by 14,5 million of d├â ┬│ lares in regal├âas by Guitar Hero III, nevertheless despu├â┬Ęs anunci├â ┬│ that the adjustment lleva├âa I finish outside the courts.
The treatment of Harmonix and Activision contemplates two types of payments: [...]

Recently it commented to them of the tÃtulos that estarÃan available for the service of WiiWare in Japà ³ n. Then, the date of launching already is official: prà ³ ximo 25 of March and the scheme of prices has occurred to know, beginning by mÃs cheap of 500 Wii Points ($5 USD) and 1500 Wii [...]

As of today, Nintendo already has a Web site dedicated to WiiWare in which we will be able to see 11 games (Japanese) between which emphasize Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life ace to King and StarSoldierR deSquare-Enix and the Hudson respectively.
The date of launching of the service estÃdated for March and it is outlined like [...]

In agreement with reports of Enterbrain (Famitsu) and a company/signature of mercadà ³ logo, the Wii estarÃa exceeding in 4 to 1 in sales to Playstation 3 in Japà ³ n. In spite of the recent blunting of the console of Sony, the Wii has sold 331.627 consoles during February, whereas the PS3 hardly alcanzà ³ the 89,131. The Xbox [...]

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25 Feb 2008

Short while ago ordered my quarter me encontr├â┬ę with the CD of Killer Cuts, which ven├âa of gift when you bought Killer Instinct of SNES. Me di├â ┬│ curiosity and I put it immediately to sound, because mayor├âa of the songs already hab├âa forgotten. Ahhh not you but Killer Instinct me [...]

For my, Greenpeace is lost credibility with the passage of the a├â┬▒os, nevertheless have good ideas to handle his campa├â┬▒as. ├éQu├â┬ę thinks?

In pagetable they have anÃlisis quite interesting of old tÃtulo of makes almost 10 años, The Legend of Zelda - Link⠀ ™ s Awakening DX for Gameboy Color. Defined like ArqueologÃa in the games, Michael Steil does one diseccià ³ n of some archives of the cartridge in which are key pieces of cà ² I say source which they allow to know [...]

This news is not surprise for my since Half Life 2 has been one of the best games than I have enjoyed lately and this compilaci├â ┬│ n comes with the extra of Team Fortress 2, one extensi├â ┬│ n that pens├â┬ę that quedar├âa in ba├â┬║l of the memory, Episode 2 (tambi├â┬ęn first) and [...]

In one it interviews realized by Gamasutra, Tomonobu Itakagi, to lÃder of the Team Ninja and developer of games like Dead or Alive or Ninja Gaiden, anuncià ³ the reasons by which decidià ³ to work with the DS instead of the PSP:
ÔÇťraz├â ┬│ n is because the Portable Playstation this dise├â┬▒ado b├âsicamente under the premise of llevarte your console to [...]

According to a report of Reuters, Nintendo of Japà ³ n has become one of best compañÃas to invest since its value in the market is of little but of 8,39 trillones of yens. This sitúa in second compañÃa but valuable of Japà ³ n, exceeding to Canon and situÃndose detrÃs of [...]

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