Microsoft comes out in defense of Rare

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18 Sep 2008

Xbox 360 experience

Like it was to be expected, Microsoft sali├â ┬│ in defense of Rare after which Peter Moore so made declarations in his interview with The Guardian ÔÇťintelligentÔÇŁ.

Phil Spencer said that Rare plays a estrat├â┬ęgico roll in the development of games and new experiences that has allowed Microsoft to expand its base of users. Spencer aprovech├â ┬│ to applaud the work of Rare in its two recent developments (Alive Pi├â┬▒ata and Banjo Kazooie) as├â like the new system of transformations that is part of actualizaci├â ┬│ n of Oto├â┬▒o of the 360.

Apparently Piñata Lives: Trouble in Paradise has received good qualifications of main means and sum 83 in Metacritic

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