|| blog http://www.dor Playing from another perspective Mon, On July 20, 2009 4:27:50 AM +0000 in Advices to design games without gaining a weight in return To work Pro Bono is one of the most viable options to obtain experience in games design (and other disciplines) nevertheless be able to return in a nightmare if you do not take the suitable measures. Pro Bond means to work in a voluntary way for the government property, without obtaining an economic remuneration.... http://www.dor / Advancing with the final project of the University I had not taken the time to offer status of the project, perhaps many of you who follow me in Twitter have seen some sketches in the last days. The reason is that the project is accepted, in fact it was accepted for one week, regrettably the E3 crossed... http://www.dor / The complex thing of presenting a project of design of games in the University The games design is something into what I have been put last years, perhaps not of finished time for the quantity of work that I have, nevertheless I decided that it is time to put it like priority if it is that I want that he helps me to pay the accounts of... http://www.dor / The image of the day Andrés Iniesta celebrates the goal (c) Photo AP Today I prepared a snack, extracted a pair of bottles of Pacific Ocean of the icebox and sat down after see one of the parties that more there is to me stressed one in the last weeks. Barcelona played the worst party of the year opposite to the Chelsea, even... http://www.dor How to develop a game in 48 hours Sailing in I have been this video narrated by Kyle Gabler (2D Boy) where it lists a series of advices to develop a game in only 48 hours. Why would anybody like to generate a game in a little time? To become famous, to have suck and women after winning... http://www.dor / Super Mario Chess: Luigi is the queen (LOL) I do not believe that the sexual preferences of Luigi need to be explained again, but Nintendo has made clear that Mario's "brother" likes the rice with straw and one gives him very well that thing about the incest. Super Mario Chess Collector's Edition is an official Nintendo product and it will sell... http://www.dor / index.php / 2009 / 04 / 13 / super-mario-chess-luigi-es-la-reina-lol / A visit to id Software (1993) go Software is the company that initiated everything, many people will speak about Nintendo or Space Invaders but the real disruption in the video games industry was Doom in 1993. The reputation histories, rockstars, ferraris and "when its donate" they have defined to this study, nevertheless few ones have idea of how... http://www.dor / index.php / 2009 / 04 / 06 / una-visita-a-id-software-1993 / A conversation with Sebastian Enrique Yesterday I had the fortune of being present at conference Creating Be to Pro de Sebastian Enrique, developer of FIFA, in whom there was explained the process of gestation of this form. I must confess that I am well fanboy this way of game and I did not keep the fanss comment for... http://www.dor / index.php / 2009 / 02 / 28 / una-platica-con-sebastian-enrique / The beta of Quake Live one skips Mac and Linux Last two weeks I have lived to myself through it in Mac working, on having come, the night it ends up giving me spawn to connect the PC to play, so I installed everything what I have on hybrid discs. With Call of Duty 4, Quake 3 and Spore I have had to relax at times and... http://www.dor / index.php / 2009 / 02 / 25 / la-beta-de-quake-live-se-brinca-mac-y-linux / What team uses Valve to develop? Of course they have wondered: What team do I need to develop a video game? The possibilities of choosing are infinite and they always tend to go away for the most powerful thing. To annotate a little, Valve has shared the specifications of the teams that they use to develop both games and updates in his platform Steam.... http://www.dor / index.php / 2009 / 02 / 23 / que-equipo-usa-valve-para-desarrollar /