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10 Sea 2008

Mazer Mayhem

Recently that Microsoft made official the announcement of Xbox Live Community and under the sleeve venÃan a series of games among which it emphasized The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai. The rest was very good proposals, nothing nevertheless attractive in the part grÃfica.

At the same time, in Japà ³ n celebrà ³ the XNA Game Studio Japan 2008 Spring Contest where tÃtulos with another one are come off temÃtica and grÃbut ficamente similar to a game of Xbox that one of Flash, as it is the case in América. The winner was puzzle Yamakake call and like finalists shooter Mazer Mayhem (image superior) and Armored Strider. I am not safe of qué so jugables are but that they handle to a good level grÃfico is no doubt some.

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