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7 Jun 2008

s├âpast ford I had to char it with Jos├â┬ę Eduardo Ter├ân (yayo pa' cuates), person in charge of the Club of Developer of Videojuegos of UNITEC Atizap├ân. Although I every day speak with Yayo (he is compa├â┬▒ero of work) this time we wanted to make something but serious, to show a little filosof├âa of the Club.

reunià ³ n was quite pleasant, had contact with the work parties and must admit that there is much potential in them. Lido of concepts counts on a handling sà ³ and is surprising to see that many use a language of diseño-development advanced enough. She is pleasant people, with likings that not only they have to do with videojuegos; the stereotype of nerd does not apply aquà and is enough sentarte to platicar with them so that DES tells you of the facility whom they have to express his ideas and I put in the short term.

The possibility exists of returning to record, now with m├âs interviews and a compendium of the games that are developing. Shortly we will have tambi├â┬ęn, a series of conferences in different Universities from the DF and Metropolitan Area about this model of work, from his gestaci├â ┬│ n to implementaci├â ┬│ n.

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June 10th, 2008 AT 8:38 p.m.

It seems to me excellent what estÃdoing on the part of students, since we are those that we molded our future, ademÃs that in this way there is to evolve, already we are in the 21st century and is necessary to break with all the traditional schemes.
We can develop to videojuegos in M├â┬ęxico and adem├âquality s.
Many Congratulations to all the developers that estÃn putting of its part to remove to make be born this industry.

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